Link in bio, but make it shoppable: meet Linkpop, Shopify’s newest offering for creators

Link in bio, but make it shoppable: meet Linkpop, Shopify’s newest offering for creators

With Linkpop, merchants can create a cohesive brand experience across social channels and sell products directly from their link in bio page

Ever make a mental note to look into that new product your favorite TikTok star keeps recommending, only to lose the plot as soon as you get to your Google search bar? Us too.

That’s part of the reason why we’re so excited to launch Linkpop, our new link in bio tool that’s commerce-first—meaning that creators and merchants can not only house all of their important brand-building links in one place, but launch social storefronts to sell directly on the platforms where they’re already engaging with followers. Consumers can then browse a Shopify merchant’s curated selection of products and purchase directly on Linkpop, without ever leaving the social app they were using (or trying to remember what to search). 

That’s good news for consumers because the creator economy—which is estimated to include more than 50 million creators globally—is only growing.* In 2021 alone, investors backed the industry with more than $1.3 billion in funding.** At Shopify, we’re investing in supporting creators of all kinds by expanding access to our world-class commerce technology and by building tools that will help merge creativity, community, and commerce. And we’re starting with Linkpop. 

Merchants can set up an account, link it to their Shopify store, and start populating their Linkpop page with shoppable links, as well as links to websites, articles, videos, and playlists (among other possibilities!) in less than five minutes. Shoppable links automatically sync with a merchant’s product catalog to feature all of the product details a customer will need directly on the merchant’s Linkpop page.

“We have an incredible community on social, and with Linkpop we're able to turn our followers into customers and brand advocates,” said Evie, YouTuber and founder of LongHairPrettyNails. “The results speak for themselves: We used Linkpop to support our most recent product launch and were able to increase our social sales conversions by over 600%.”

Linkpop gives merchants the ability to create a branded, social storefront that they can share wherever they engage with their followers. With Linkpop, merchants can:

  • Provide buyers with a best-in-class checkout experience: Linkpop is powered by Shopify, so consumers are able to enjoy a fast and secure checkout experience when they make a purchase from a merchant’s Linkpop. And because checkout happens right on Linkpop, consumers never have to leave the platform they were already browsing on to make a purchase.
  • Track toward success: With Linkpop’s free, built-in analytics tool, merchants can better understand the behaviors and choices of visitors to their Linkpop. In addition to providing high level metrics like link clicks and unique visitors, Linkpop shows merchants how well individual links are performing—giving merchants invaluable insight into what their followers are engaging with most.
  • Customize their page: Merchants can customize many aspects of their Linkpop page—from the background color and font to the profile description, logo, and beyond—to create a page that reflects their brand. Merchants can also upload photos to accompany specific links, creating a truly curated experience for their followers.
  • Add up to 200 links & shoppable links: Once a merchant sets up an account, they can start adding links and shoppable links to their page. Since merchants can share up to 200 links on their Linkpop, they’re free to include all the touchpoints that are most important to their brand—whether that’s a link to a new YouTube video, a shoppable link featuring a new product, or something else entirely. 

“Merchants and creators today are using multiple channels to engage with customers, and that number of touchpoints will only continue to grow,” said Amir Kabbara, Director of Product at Shopify. “With Linkpop, we've created a surface that unifies all links merchants post across social channels. What’s even better, we’ve made it a shoppable destination so it’s easy to purchase products directly on Linkpop, which is a win-win for merchants and buyers alike."

For creators who are just getting started and haven’t yet launched a business, choosing tools that can grow alongside their audience and brand is crucial. They can use Linkpop to help grow their audience, and when they’re ready to launch their store on Shopify, they’ll be able to share products directly on their Linkpop page—seamlessly merging their existing community with their commerce ambitions. And for creators who are already merchants, Linkpop makes it easy to sell products directly on the social platforms that are most important to their brands.

Linkpop is free and available globally in English, whether the user is a Shopify merchant or not. Shoppable links are currently only available to Shopify merchants. To learn more about Linkpop and get started, visit


* SignalFire: SignalFire’s Creator Economy Market Map

** CB Insights: The Creator Economy Explained: How Companies Are Transforming The Self-Monetization Boom





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