Shopify and Nest team up to bring more hardware to merchants

There’s a lot involved in setting up a retail store, from merchandising to delivering exceptional customer service to taking payments. Shopify already offers a wide range of retail hardware to help you start off on the right foot, and now we’re working with Google's Nest and hardware teams to bring best-in-class networking and security hardware to merchants right alongside point-of-sale devices and accessories.

Shopify merchants can pick up Nest security cameras to help protect their stores, and also buy Google Wifi wireless internet hardware to ensure their store, their staff, and their customers (should they choose to offer guests network access) can all get online quickly, easily and securely.

Google’s hardware provides security and reliability that works for commercial settings like stores and pop-ups, with easy setup and management – including the ability to run everything from a merchant’s mobile device. And with our new Store Cam for Shopify integration, you’ll even be able to access your store’s live security feed directly from your Shopify store dashboard.

Check out Google’s hardware in Shopify’s retail store for merchants here, and look out for more to come in the future.

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