Shopify launches Shopify Studios to tell true stories of entrepreneurship

Shopify launches Shopify Studios to tell true stories of entrepreneurship

Shopify’s new in-house TV and film production arm will focus on entertaining, inspiring stories of founders and the companies they build

Taking an idea and building a business is an adventure, and one that looks different for everyone. Some business owners focus on serving their neighbors, others chase fundraising and huge scale; sometimes, business ideas don’t work out, but offer life lessons that set the stage for the next journey. Every business story has ups and downs, however, and a spark of inspiration that’s worth sharing, if only to show others that entrepreneurship can be for them, too.

For years, Shopify has had a front-row seat to an endless variety of extraordinary journeys and inspiring success stories that defy stereotypes around entrepreneurship. Shopify has seen and supported business owners from all walks of life, with a wealth of different passions, all engaged in very unique approaches to a shared goal of pursuing independence.

This year, Shopify is inspiring entrepreneurship in an entirely new, exciting way: We’re launching Shopify Studios to bring entertaining, thought-provoking stories of entrepreneurs to audiences everywhere. Shopify Studios will capture and share these true stories of business owners who span a wide range of industries, socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures, in hope of lighting the path for future inventors, artists, builders, innovators and dreamers to come.

In partnership with renowned creators, talent and production companies, such as Anonymous Content, Spoke Studios (part of Brent Montgomery’s Wheelhouse Entertainment), and Saville Productions, Shopify Studios will produce long, and short-form series, feature documentaries and more. Shopify Studios also publishes and will continue to develop its own original content across Shopify’s social media channels.

To learn more about Shopify Studios and view its content, please visit this link.



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