Store Cam for Shopify gives retail merchants a better view

For store owners and managers, safety and security are always top of mind. That’s why we built the new Store Cam for Shopify app, which is available to any merchant using a Nest Cam from Google in their retail stores. And now merchants can buy a Nest Cam from Shopify directly, so they can get set up with Store Cam quickly and easily.

Store Cam for Shopify provides access to a live view of the feed from Nest Cams set up in a merchant’s stores, giving them direct line-of-sight into what’s happening in their retail spaces. Merchants can access Store Cam within the Shopify dashboard they already use to run other aspects of their business, including managing inventory and tracking online sales.

Whether you run one or multiple retail stores, Store Cam for Shopify can provide peace of mind, through an easy and intuitive integration that takes only minutes to set up.

We’re always looking for ways to bring together more of what a merchant needs to succeed and grow their business in one place, and Store Cam for Shopify does exactly that. Peace of mind is fundamental to running a retail store, and now it’s available right alongside our other essential selling tools. Find out more about Store Cam for Shopify here.

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